Dental Aesthetics


Zirconium crowns get a very close to natural tooth aesthetic and resistance. Whit this system we avoid the opacity and the metallic trims of the formal prosthesis.


They are porcelain thin sheets attached to the front part of the tooth, that allows us to correct the size, the position, the colour and the fractures in a very simple way.


How does the whitening work?

The colour of the tooth is given by organic substances (Chromium spheres) containing double unsaturated bonds. When these double bonds are oxygenated, the chromium spheres become lighter or lose colour.

The external part of the tooth, which is the tooth enamel, is colorless and therefore the tooth colour is given by the colour of the dentin that is below the tooth enamel. The whitening products work by penetrating through the enamel to whitening the dentin. It is important not to damage the enamel because otherwise we will the tooth unprotected and with a dull shape, without translucency and ultimately lifeless.

Different whitening systems :

Three whitening techniques :

  • Bleaching vital teeth with laser photoactivation.
  • Using teeth whitening gel vital.
  • Bleaching individual teeth non vital.


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