Orthodontics, get the right position of the teethes

Sunrise is the most important element in our facial aesthetic.

Orthodontics, either for adults or children, allow us to get the correct position of our teethes, preventing cavities, periodontal disease, abnormal usage and articular problems, while we achieve an aesthetic harmony.

Nowadays we have access to many and different systems according to the problems and needs of each patient:

“To have misplaced dental pieces is not a particular age symptom, any moment is appropriate for us to decide for an orthodontic treatment.”


Visible or metal Orthodontic

It is a traditional system, effective and inexpensive. The combination of low friction new brackets and thermal wires allows us to reduces the treatment duration.

Color bands Orthodontic

Ideal for children. We can customize the appliance and turn the orthodontic into a game for them.

Aesthetic Orthodontic

Very resistant sapphire brackets. They allow treatment aesthetic improvements.

Invisible Orthodontics

Invisalign - invisible alignment Splints

Invisible and comfortable way of straightening the teeth. It is a removable system, which facilitates its cleaning. It is a highly aesthetic method, since it does not use brackets or wires.

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