Children Orthodontics

Children Orthodontics: An on time visit can avoid future problems

Normally it is recommended for all children get an orthodontic at least, at seven years old.
Because at that age, the orthodontist can evaluate the jaws and teeth of the child to see if the teeth "closes" correctly and to prevent potential problems in their teeth.
An on time evaluation will bring many benefits in the treatment.

Benefits orthodontic correction in children:

  • Corrects bad dental habits
  • It improves the aesthetics of the person and self-esteem
  • Simplifies and / or shortens the treatment of orthodontic treatment later
  • It helps improve language problems
  • Allows mandibular growth influence positively
  • Harmonizes the size of the dental arches
  • Improves dental eruption types
  • It maintains or increases the space of the teeth that still left for them to grow well.

The first visit to Paedodontics

We recommend the first dental visit to be in the period comprehended between the first tooth eruption, taking place around the sixth month, and the first year of the child.

In case of a previous urgency (dental trauma caused by a downfall), attendance will begin at that time.

Is it important for the children to be treated by a Paedodontits?

It is the paedodontis who has the skill to guide the child through the different dental procedures in order for the children to accept this new experience without developing anxiety or fear, and consequently achieve in the long term a positive attitude about the dentist and proper dental health in adults.

What makes our Clinic so special?

Specialized team that increases the efficiency and quality of our work. The most important thing is our ability to manage the children behaviour, because if there is no cooperation from the children, it is impossible to achieve the desired success.We appreciate the need for a positive approach and good communication with the child, to gain their trust our clinic provides a relaxed and comfortable environment for the child and has a professional team.

Why are baby teeth important?

Oral health in milk teething promotes proper craniofacial development and is the best guide for the permanent tooth eruption. Plays an important role in the proper development of the child, both physiologically (nutrition, respiration, phonation ...) and psychologically, also influences their appearance and self-esteem contributing to their overall health and quality of life.

So, during childhood, the primary teeth have more functions than future permanent teeth, as long as they are intact and well maintained.

Childhood Cavities 

At three years old, one of three children have cavities, at four years the figure rises to 63 percent; and at five years the figure is situated almost at 85 percent. Most of the time, mom and dad have to be blamed, as they do not teach the child to brush his teeth: cavities of milk tooth should never be underestimated, because if not treated rapidly can cause inflammation. Also, if the tooth is severely damaged that has to be removed, it will form and empty space and permanent teeth grow haphazardly, thus orthodontics to correct them will be necessary.

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